christian-aboutI love working with leaders and their teams. My interest in leadership took shape while working in international disaster relief in places like Kosovo, Southern Sudan, and Indonesia. Regardless of how well or poorly a project was funded or designed, success was determined more by the quality of leadership and team dynamics than anything else.

The same thing was true in the communities I worked in. Communities with effective leaders, who cared about those they served, were able to grow and improve. Communities without effective leadership remained in their struggle.

It always comes back to leadership. In organizations, businesses, non-profits or communities – leadership is the key. It is the root cause. Improve the leaders and everything else improves with them. So, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others lead well.

I enjoy working with leaders who are driven to pursue their best–personally and for their teams.


My clients include Fortune 500 firms, government entities, privately held or Alaska Native-owned companies as well as mid-market companies and startups. I also continue to work with many non-profits including Catholic Social Services, Head Start Programs, Southcentral Foundation, RurAL CAP and Tanana Chiefs Conference.

I partner with clients who are typically in the CEO, President, COO, GM, or CMO role. I help them with all aspects of leadership and organizational health, growth, and development:

  • Strategy creation.
  • Board and leadership team development.
  • Building engaged, value-driven and high impact organizational cultures.
  • Executive and leadership coaching.
  • Mindset and thinking big (or aggressively).
  • Gathering deep insights about your organizational culture, process, systems and team dynamics.
  • Facilitating powerful & challenging conversations that yield actionable results.
  • Resolving conflicts in a way that build internal communications, trust and leadership effectiveness.
  • Crafting leadership succession and transition processes that preserve legacy and catalyze growth.
  • Engaging employees.

You can read my current work at my blog, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook. I’ve presented or have been featured on Tedx, Inc.com, Forbes, US News and World Report, Yahoo! Finance, MSN, CEO Blog Nation and Business News Daily.


  1. My Premium Service for individual leaders and teams is Stakeholder Centered Coaching™. This is such a powerfully effective service, I offer a 100% cost guarantee for results. No upfront costs. No payments until you experience results. No risk. Only benefits.
  2. All of my work, all of my other services are also guaranteed. If my work is not consistent with the quality expressed in the terms of an agreement, I will either continue to work until those terms have been met or refund your full fee.
  3. Because of the strength of those guarantees, I screen my clients carefully. You can be assured, I only offer the services that I believe will bring value. I only work with clients who I believe are able to take advantage of that value.

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