Our Partners & Commitment to the Community

Vantage Consulting is member of a ‘family’ of organizations that also includes the non-profits Beyond Borders and the Conflict Resolution Center™.

Beyond Borders
provides an avenue for the services of Vantage Consulting to reach developing countries. Beyond Borders builds communities by building and supporting effective leadership. We’ve served communities in Mexico, Russia, Swaziland, South Sudan, Indonesia, Panama and rural Alaska.

The Conflict Resolution Center
supports families, neighbors and community members to resolve conflict quickly, calmly and sustainably. The Conflict Resolution Center was a natural outgrowth of our work as workplace mediators. As we effectively helped leaders resolve disputes, we were asked to engage on more personal and family issues as well. This led to the creation of a more appropriate home for those services.

20% of all Vantage Consulting’s revenue is donated, as in-kind services, through either Beyond Borders or the Conflict Resolution Center.

Beyond Borders
Conflict Resolution Center™