Team Bios

Christians’s Bio

Bringing over 20 years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience, Christian Muntean takes senior leaders and their organizations to new levels of success and effectiveness. His clients experience the strength of well-developed teams. Christian moves leaders to improve organizational alignment, strengthen employee engagement, develop a leadership bench and navigate complex issues and conflict.

Clients rave about how Christian is able to cut a clear path through complexity. His entrepreneurial and humanitarian background enables him to craft dynamic solutions that balance people and process to build conflict-resilient organizations. An expert and sought-after speaker on organizational health, Christian is the go-to resource for leaders engaging the challenges of new ventures, high growth or complex change.

His clients come from a range of industries including transportation, resource extraction, environment, healthcare, Alaska Native Corporations, state and federal government, military, tribes, non-profit and faith-based organizations. His work has brought him to over 40 countries including seven conflict zones.

Christian has been appointed by the Governor of Alaska to serve on the Alaska Board of Psychologists and Psychological Associates. He also serves on the board of Catholic Social Services. Additionally he mediates for Conflict Resolution Center and the Alaska Court System.

He has a MA in Organizational Leadership and a BA in Sociology. He is married and has two sons.

JP’s Bio

A father of four future leaders and husband to an amazing woman of style and passion, JP Ouellette has been a grateful Alaskan since 2001. Spending much of his life as a pastor’s son traveling all over North America, he observed leaders and organizations rise and fall without clear purpose or direction. His time as an Air Force medic afforded him the opportunity to broaden his experience with organizational culture and its dependence on strong leadership. With the relationships built over the years, he was positioned to help servicemen and women and their families navigate the bureaucratic systems of military healthcare. He eventually carried this passion into his civilian work of medical practice management. Here JP’s appreciation grew for responsible leadership and organizational health. During his fifteen years in the medical community, he completed a Bachelor’s degree from UAA in Human Services and a minor in Alaska Native Studies. In 2011 he seized the opportunity to work with Executive Director, Christian Muntean, and take part in the sustaining impact of Christian’s work in Alaska. Having joined the Vantage Consulting team as Program Administrator, JP enjoys the unique opportunity to affect the growth and development of our state and its leaders.

Sandra’s Bio

Sandra Pearson serves as an executive assistant to Christian Muntean. She has over 25 years of Marketing and Administrative experience helping Entrepreneurs and Special Needs Service Providers succeed with Internet Marketing Consulting and Support. Sandra now uses her customer-relations and internet tech skills to serve Vantage Consulting clients. Mother of two twenty-somethings, Sandra enjoys supporting her local Special Needs Community through her own website and serving on the regional Special Olympics board.