“You are able to cast vision that brings hope rooted in the reality of the processes needed to reach the goal. There is an element of trust that exists between us that allows me to be transparent. You point out my weaknesses without being problem focused. You ask questions that bring clarity and, when necessary, change my perspective.”
Brenda Moore
Christian Health Associates

“You really listen as you see and grasp the goal, from a 30,000 foot view, and you use that perspective to understand your clients’ situation and relate to people’s ideas, dreams and problems, giving them context and ultimately, an ability to work toward their solution, not yours.”
Brian Green
Christian Health Associates

“You deliver customized solutions displaying honesty, a commitment to progress, and good collaboration; not a canned program delivered without concern to those involved, or just training with no follow-up.  Your focus is the big picture.”
Ben Schoffmann
CCI Industrial Services

“You are great at asking GREAT questions. You are light years ahead of others when it comes to collaborative leadership: You deeply understand that people, their relationships and interactions are the very top conversation for any business and you’re not afraid to ask hard questions that may expose things that I, or others just don’t want to look at.”
Reed Moore
RMG Real Estate Experts

“You bring a more extensive “toolbox” that ensures greater flexibility and responsiveness to a group’s needs and provide clients with a greater degree of confidence in outcomes through creative and inclusive decision-making processes. You push groups further and deeper than other consultants and have a greater self-awareness of what’s possible and what’s necessary.”
Nils Andreassen
Institute of the North

“You are effective in shepherding a group to accomplish its goals by sizing up situations and people effectively. Your written reports add value as I make recommendations to the team.”
Tari O’Conner
Anchorage School Based Health Centers