Can I Give You A Free Tool? Quickly Diagnose A Workplace Conflict

Workplace ConflictHave you ever gone to the doctor and gotten a wrong diagnosis? Or have you ever had the experience where all the doctor did was acknowledge and treat the symptoms without ever looking at the cause?

This happens far more commonly than patients would hope for. It’s more common than most doctors are willing to admit.

In the case of a misdiagnosis, the advice or prescription may not only be ineffective but according to studies, it results in death or permanent disability up to 28% of the time. ... READ MORE »

Frustrated By Repeated Conflicts?

Workplace conflictWorkplace conflict is like driving in rush hour traffic. On an icy day. With low visibility.

Some drivers speed along, weaving in and out of traffic. Gesticulating as they go. Blowing through red lights.

Other drivers clearly would prefer not to be on the road. So, they crawl along at a parking lot pace. ... READ MORE »

The Best Way I Know to Avoid Fumbling Growth, Transition or a Profitable Exit

Leadership TransitionMany CEO’s, owners, and executive directors feel an itch they aren’t sure how to scratch.

Particularly if they are in their 50’s. Give or take a few years.

There is a sense of something else they want to pursue. ... READ MORE »

The 3 Secrets to Removing the Toughest Leadership Blind Spot

The MartyrThere are some leaders who stand out. They really stand out.

They work so hard.

They burn the midnight oil. ... READ MORE »

Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Leadership

Leadership growthI used to drive a delivery truck. This was in the days before rearview cameras.

I had a very limited view of what was behind me. Occasionally, I bumped into something.

In fact, because I drove in the winter sometimes my forward view wasn’t that great either. Sometimes my window was foggy, or frosted, or it was dark out, or rainy. ... READ MORE »

1 Secret to Experience Your Best Year Ever

Best Year EverOne of my favorite past clients just had a great year.

Their industry just experienced a down economy. Their gross revenue was also down. But they experienced an increase in profits.

Best of all, they were able to retain most of their employees. ... READ MORE »

How To Turn Around A Team That Struggles To Get Stuff Done

Four Secrets of Staff and Leadership Development

Sixth in a series of Seven Essential Executive Skills. For the other articles in the series, click this link: Seven Essential Executive Skills.

Staff DevelopmentHow do you measure leadership effectiveness?

There are several simple ways to do this. One of the best ways is to look at the people nearest to the leader.

Are they growing? ... READ MORE »

How Every Leader Can Easily Motivate Staff and Engage Employees

Fifth in a series of Seven Essential Executive Skills. For the other articles in the series, click this link: Seven Essential Executive Skills.

Motivated Employees

You can’t make an adult do something. You can only prevent someone from acting.

No society, no workplace has a tool that can force motivation. ... READ MORE »

The 7 Critical Ingredients of Effective Executive Communication