How Can Your Leadership Benefit From Tidying Up?

How Cleaning My Garage Made Me A Better Leader I’m great at organizing ideas, people, and concepts. Please don’t give me a closet to organize. Or a garage.

My closets and my garage are without heart. Remorseless in their demands for order. They will take on a life of their own if I don’t attempt to intervene periodically.

After three summers in a row of avoiding my garage, I realized I needed to man up and face the monster. To do so, I began by delaying. I used my favorite tactic, which is: “I need to study this first.” ... READ MORE »

The Leader’s Guide to Peerless Delegation


DelegateOne of the most common leadership frustrations is being too busy. Feeling overwhelmed. Not being able to get it all done.

Possibly the second most common frustration is someone you supervise who doesn’t delegate well to others. Someone who doesn’t leverage their staff and resources well. ... READ MORE »

How to Stop Leading a Sick Team

unhealthy teamIn December of 2001, I was part of a team finishing up a disaster relief project in Kosovo. Andre, my Dutch colleague, and I were driving one of our Jeeps back to HQ in Switzerland. We drove through the beautiful forgotten country of Montenegro and spent a night in Dubrovnik, an amazing walled city in southern Croatia. Then followed the coast of the Adriatic up to the ancient city of Split where we caught a ferry to Italy. From there, we drove to Mestre, which is the poor man’s city to find a hotel if you are visiting Venice, which was right off the coast.

A sweet gig.

We found a suitable low-end hotel in Mestre (I can’t remember anything about it except it had secure parking). Then we got out to stretch our legs and plan our visit to Venice. ... READ MORE »

The Leader’s Guide To Culture Change

Business CulturePeople overcomplicate culture change. It’s simple.

In fact, nearly all organizational cultures are built and sustained by accident. Most are changed by accident too.

In fact, cultures are pretty dynamic. They constantly evolve and change. ... READ MORE »

The 4 Things You Need to Do to Exit Your Organization Well

Successful Exit

I just received my current copy of Inc. magazine. On the cover stand four, young, confident looking entrepreneurs.

Yet another story about how under 30-year olds are taking over the planet.
Personally, I like stories like that. I like the optimism and challenge that it puts out there.
But it distorts reality. It isn’t fake news. But it is disproportionate news.
The real news is that the majority of all small and medium-sized businesses are owned by people over 50. This same group of people is also starting more businesses than any other group.  Non-profit and public sector executives tend to mirror these numbers.
Here’s more news[1]: ... READ MORE »

7 Tips to Escape the Crush of Overwhelming Responsibility


Overwhelmed Business Leader

I started practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu last year. I love it. I’ve only been practicing for about six months. I’ve been surprised to discover how important the mental game is. Particularly when it comes to being overwhelmed by an opponent. ... READ MORE »

Six Mistakes That Successful Leaders Make

38469876 - businessman balancing on cracking ground

As an executive coach, my client relationships are some of the most rewarding aspects of my job. Generally, they are highly successful, driven and focused people. They tend to think creatively and expansively.

They routinely experience what most others rarely do if ever: The act of creation. The ability to generate a novel idea and see it through to a fruitful completion. ... READ MORE »

How To Get Out Of The Way Of The Success Of Your Team

Team SuccessIn 2000, I arrived in Switzerland. I had paid to go through a ten-day, simulated humanitarian crisis. This was a training held by the humanitarian organization, Medair.

It was also a screening. A long job interview, actually.

We found out that only 20% of us would be offered positions, with Medair, immediately. Another 20%-30% might be offered positions later. Usually, if new criteria were met. ... READ MORE »

How to Lead Meetings That People Want to Come To

13839444 - office presentation “I hate meetings, don’t you?”

He said this as we were about to go into our meeting.

I didn’t, entirely, take it personally. We were exploring a possible partnership together. We hadn’t met often. ... READ MORE »

12 Steps That Will Make Your Turnaround Successful

Successful TurnaroundTurning around is tough.

I was driving to a friend’s house, with my family. I decided to take a shortcut. At least, I knew the shortcut was there. Pretty sure. I had never driven in on it. You already know where this story is going…

Beautiful drive. ... READ MORE »