How to Lead When Something Breaks


Broken TeamI recently broke my hand. I’ve led a fitness class for about 10 years. I work out with my class. We were doing high box jumps.

I built the box I was jumping on to. Couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped on to it over the years. Perhaps because of that comfort, I rushed, miscalculated the jump and smacked my hand into the box. Smacked it hard enough to break it. ... READ MORE »

How to Lead Leaders When You Aren’t the Leader

Lead UpI recently sent a poll out to my readers. In it, I asked their #1 most difficult leadership challenge.

The second most frequently cited issue could be framed as, “How do I lead up?”

The most frequently cited issue had to do with building team alignment. I’ll be releasing a unique opportunity on that topic very soon. Stay tuned! ... READ MORE »

Five Surprising Ways That Leaders Are Like Athletes

Developing leaders Leaders are like athletesfits into a category that is similar to fitness and athletic performance. On one hand, nearly anyone can tie on a pair of shoes and shuffle jog around the block. Anyone can walk into a gym and pick stuff up and put it back down. Fitness is easy.


Anyone can lead. Tie on a title. Shuffle through meetings. Pick up a good leadership book. Set it back down. Leadership is easy. You just do it. ... READ MORE »

How to Motivate Employees: Don’t Pay Them More


Does pay motivate employeesI was recently at a wedding where I didn’t know anyone. I did as I do and waited for the extroverts to come find me.

A guy came over. He was there with his wife and three kids. Seems like a great dad. ... READ MORE »

Happy Fourth of July

July 4th Independence DayI’m sitting in the warm morning sun as I write this. On a pirate ship. On the Mississippi. Gotta love Airbnb.

I’m grateful. So, grateful for this country.

I’ve been traveling, with my wife and three kiddos, through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. We’re here to attend a wedding, visit family, plunder houseboats and such. ... READ MORE »

5 Minutes of your time…

This week I thought I’d do something a little bit different. I’m coming up on my 150th article (122nd on LinkedIn!) I thought it would be a good time to check in and ask people what they wanted to learn about.

If you could take just 5 minutes and tell me what the single, biggest, leadership challenge that you’re facing right now please click here. If you could even take just 30 seconds to tell me what that is, A) It would mean the world to me and B), most importantly, I’ll be able to use that information to gear my upcoming articles towards topics that you specifically want to know more about.

  ... READ MORE »

How Can Your Leadership Benefit From Tidying Up?

How Cleaning My Garage Made Me A Better Leader I’m great at organizing ideas, people, and concepts. Please don’t give me a closet to organize. Or a garage.

My closets and my garage are without heart. Remorseless in their demands for order. They will take on a life of their own if I don’t attempt to intervene periodically.

After three summers in a row of avoiding my garage, I realized I needed to man up and face the monster. To do so, I began by delaying. I used my favorite tactic, which is: “I need to study this first.” ... READ MORE »

The Leader’s Guide to Peerless Delegation


DelegateOne of the most common leadership frustrations is being too busy. Feeling overwhelmed. Not being able to get it all done.

Possibly the second most common frustration is someone you supervise who doesn’t delegate well to others. Someone who doesn’t leverage their staff and resources well. ... READ MORE »

How to Stop Leading a Sick Team

unhealthy teamIn December of 2001, I was part of a team finishing up a disaster relief project in Kosovo. Andre, my Dutch colleague, and I were driving one of our Jeeps back to HQ in Switzerland. We drove through the beautiful forgotten country of Montenegro and spent a night in Dubrovnik, an amazing walled city in southern Croatia. Then followed the coast of the Adriatic up to the ancient city of Split where we caught a ferry to Italy. From there, we drove to Mestre, which is the poor man’s city to find a hotel if you are visiting Venice, which was right off the coast.

A sweet gig.

We found a suitable low-end hotel in Mestre (I can’t remember anything about it except it had secure parking). Then we got out to stretch our legs and plan our visit to Venice. ... READ MORE »

How To Quickly Become A Trusted Leader  


How To Overcome Distrust and Broken CredibilityI’m not jumping on anyone’s bandwagon here. Just making the observation:

National leadership is experiencing a credibility deficit. It is too easy, too reductionist to blame one person or one party or one group. ... READ MORE »