The Leader’s Guide To Culture Change

Business CulturePeople overcomplicate culture change. It’s simple.

In fact, nearly all organizational cultures are built and sustained by accident. Most are changed by accident too.

In fact, cultures are pretty dynamic. They constantly evolve and change. ... READ MORE »

The 4 Things You Need to Do to Exit Your Organization Well

Successful Exit

I just received my current copy of Inc. magazine. On the cover stand four, young, confident looking entrepreneurs.

Yet another story about how under 30-year olds are taking over the planet.
Personally, I like stories like that. I like the optimism and challenge that it puts out there.
But it distorts reality. It isn’t fake news. But it is disproportionate news.
The real news is that the majority of all small and medium-sized businesses are owned by people over 50. This same group of people is also starting more businesses than any other group.  Non-profit and public sector executives tend to mirror these numbers.
Here’s more news[1]: ... READ MORE »

7 Tips to Escape the Crush of Overwhelming Responsibility


Overwhelmed Business Leader

I started practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu last year. I love it. I’ve only been practicing for about six months. I’ve been surprised to discover how important the mental game is. Particularly when it comes to being overwhelmed by an opponent. ... READ MORE »

Six Mistakes That Successful Leaders Make

38469876 - businessman balancing on cracking ground

As an executive coach, my client relationships are some of the most rewarding aspects of my job. Generally, they are highly successful, driven and focused people. They tend to think creatively and expansively.

They routinely experience what most others rarely do if ever: The act of creation. The ability to generate a novel idea and see it through to a fruitful completion. ... READ MORE »

How To Get Out Of The Way Of The Success Of Your Team

Team SuccessIn 2000, I arrived in Switzerland. I had paid to go through a ten-day, simulated humanitarian crisis. This was a training held by the humanitarian organization, Medair.

It was also a screening. A long job interview, actually.

We found out that only 20% of us would be offered positions, with Medair, immediately. Another 20%-30% might be offered positions later. Usually, if new criteria were met. ... READ MORE »

How to Lead Meetings That People Want to Come To

13839444 - office presentation “I hate meetings, don’t you?”

He said this as we were about to go into our meeting.

I didn’t, entirely, take it personally. We were exploring a possible partnership together. We hadn’t met often. ... READ MORE »

12 Steps That Will Make Your Turnaround Successful

Successful TurnaroundTurning around is tough.

I was driving to a friend’s house, with my family. I decided to take a shortcut. At least, I knew the shortcut was there. Pretty sure. I had never driven in on it. You already know where this story is going…

Beautiful drive. ... READ MORE »

How to Pick Leaders of Unstoppable Teams

unrealized potentialI spend a lot of time around mental health professionals. I use to serve on my State’s Licensing Board for Psychologists. Many of my clients and friends are in the field. My wife is a therapist.

As I’ve gotten to know people in this profession, I’ve discovered that they, like many professions, tend to separate into two basic types of people. The first type I’ll call, “Qualified.” The second type is “Endlessly Improving.”

Qualified: Someone who learns what is needed to obtain and maintain their qualifications. ... READ MORE »

5 Ways the Best Leaders Get Up After Getting Knocked Down

Resilient leaderIn college, I worked with people who experienced developmental disabilities. Part of my job was called, “community inclusion.” The idea was that many of our clients had a difficult time getting involved in the community and faced social stigma’s when they did so. So, we helped them overcome this.

One day I was assigned to work with a man I’ll call Keith.  I was intended to help him get out into the community, stay on top of bills, shopping and so on.

Keith has a developmental disability. He also has a physical disability as a result of getting run over by car. He lives with his wife, who also has a developmental disability. ... READ MORE »

How to Tell If a Leader Will Create Growth

Leadership TreeI recently heard from an executive who was struggling in a tight situation. Her staff is overworked. She’s tapped out her revenue opportunities. She feels trapped in a catch-22 of, “I need resources so that I can grow. I need growth so that I have resources.”

She keeps coming to mind. When she does, I feel sad. She works in the fastest and most robust growth industry in the country. There should be nothing but potential in front of her. Despite this, she is only able to see the obstacles.

I can’t get her to return my calls. That’s why I feel sad. I know her company well. I know there are real challenges that she faces. ... READ MORE »