How to Pick Leaders of Unstoppable Teams

unrealized potentialI spend a lot of time around mental health professionals. I use to serve on my State’s Licensing Board for Psychologists. Many of my clients and friends are in the field. My wife is a therapist.

As I’ve gotten to know people in this profession, I’ve discovered that they, like many professions, tend to separate into two basic types of people. The first type I’ll call, “Qualified.” The second type is “Endlessly Improving.”

Qualified: Someone who learns what is needed to obtain and maintain their qualifications. ... READ MORE »

5 Ways the Best Leaders Get Up After Getting Knocked Down

Resilient leaderIn college, I worked with people who experienced developmental disabilities. Part of my job was called, “community inclusion.” The idea was that many of our clients had a difficult time getting involved in the community and faced social stigma’s when they did so. So, we helped them overcome this.

One day I was assigned to work with a man I’ll call Keith.  I was intended to help him get out into the community, stay on top of bills, shopping and so on.

Keith has a developmental disability. He also has a physical disability as a result of getting run over by car. He lives with his wife, who also has a developmental disability. ... READ MORE »

How to Tell If a Leader Will Create Growth

Leadership TreeI recently heard from an executive who was struggling in a tight situation. Her staff is overworked. She’s tapped out her revenue opportunities. She feels trapped in a catch-22 of, “I need resources so that I can grow. I need growth so that I have resources.”

She keeps coming to mind. When she does, I feel sad. She works in the fastest and most robust growth industry in the country. There should be nothing but potential in front of her. Despite this, she is only able to see the obstacles.

I can’t get her to return my calls. That’s why I feel sad. I know her company well. I know there are real challenges that she faces. ... READ MORE »

Six Habits of The Best Team Leaders


LeadershipRoadSignArrowLeaders are in the business of leading. You’ll often find them leading teams. Seems obvious.

This seems so obvious, that most people get it wrong. ... READ MORE »

How to Be Ambitious Without Being a Jerk

“We found that for leaders to make something great, their ambition has to be for the greatness of the work and the company, rather than for themselves.”

“(Great) leaders are a study in duality: modest and willful, humble and fearless.”

 – Jim Collins ... READ MORE »

Remarkable Leaders Forge Clarity. 4 Areas They Focus On.

Create ClarityOne of my biggest frustrations, as a leader, is that the people I lead don’t bother to read my mind.

I’m pretty sure that if they were conscientious and motivated, they would put the effort into figuring out what I want. Even if I haven’t thought it through yet.

In fact, ideally, people should be able to anticipate anything I want before I get around to wanting it. ... READ MORE »

Four Ways Effective Leaders Deal with Conflict and Weirdness

Leadership ConflictThe voice on the phone said, “We’d like you to work with Bill. He’s one of our supervisors. He has problems working with other people well.”

“What makes his ability to work with others important to you and your company?” I asked.

The voice on the phone, “We’re grooming him to become the managing director.” ... READ MORE »

Are You Working Too Hard and Accomplishing Too Little?

“What is the one thing, that by so doing,makes everything else easier or unnecessary?”

makes everything else easier or unnecessary?”

Gary Keller ... READ MORE »

How to Be a Superb Leader Without Being an Expert

There is a sobering maxim, called the “Peter Principle[1],” that is readily observed in nearly every organization. That is, “managers rise to the level of their incompetence.” It looks like this:

Peter Principle

The word “failure” connotes somebody crashing and burning. More often leaders, especially senior leaders, don’t fail spectacularly. Instead, they hit their ceiling. They stagnate. They get in their own way. ... READ MORE »

4 Quick Questions That Reveal The Integrity Of A Leader

IntegrityPresident Trump’s cabinet picks are currently consuming a lot of media bandwidth. They should. There are questions about how they were selected, their history, their relevant experience and expertise, their character, their ideology, their ability to lead and their ability to work with others. They go through multiple rounds of vetting and screening.

It is all entirely appropriate. Senior leadership should be chosen with care.

One of the most discouraging experiences for a board, an owner or an executive is to bring someone into senior leadership who ends up being unreliable or untrustworthy. Sometimes this feels like a significant disappointment. Sometimes it comes at great cost to the organization. Sometimes it can feel like a betrayal. ... READ MORE »