Results matter. Our conversation begins with identifying the results that you want to see. Then all of my work is directed towards achieving those results. Below are results that are typical for my clients.

Leadership Transition:

Boards, founders and outgoing CEO’s are able to bring in a strong, new leader who inspires confidence and enthusiasm within the organization. Transition happens in a timely way.

Fast Growth:

I help entrepreneurial businesses grow quickly. Small companies have grown as much as 50% to 100% in a year. Mature or larger companies have been able to add up to 20% to their revenues. Many of my clients have grown even during down economies. Along the way, we build the teams, structures and leadership mindsets that will support larger organizations and evolving cultures.

Cultural Revitalization:

Many established successful organizations have plateaued. I’ve helped them rediscover their vision and enthusiasm. I helped them build a team they enjoy working with while expanding their bottom line.

Organizational & Team Alignment:

Often leaders are frustrated with a lack of alignment and cooperation. I’ve supported many siloed organizations to painlessly find alignment and unity in purpose. This has allowed for more creative thinking, lowered costs and increases in revenues.

Team Productivity:

Teams are often performing below their capacity. I’ve helped many teams increase productivity by 100% within one to two years.

Employee Engagement:

Turnover is a frequent challenge for organizations. I’ve helped organizations cut turnover in half within a year and then sustain those retention numbers.

Rapid Goal Accomplishment:

Many leaders are either overly optimistic or overly cautious about goal setting. Over-optimism often means a leader maxes out their ability. Overly cautious leaders just do a lot less than they could. I’ve helped many leaders accomplish annual goals within their first 90 days.


More Testimonials

As a small business owner making "out-of-the- box" changes to my business, I greatly appreciated Christian's insight and thoughtful way of looking at different aspects of each proposal. Always on point and direct, his input encouraged me to consider options and avenues that I might have otherwise discarded from the decision making process. Christian's depth of experience and knowledge is highly evident in his approach to problem solving, goal setting., and process clarification. His assistance in the overall process of change was invaluable and, as our contract closed, I remain very satisfied with my investment in obtaining his consulting services. I recommend Christian without reservation, his experience and skills are an excellent well from which to draw and will surely be an asset to anyone willing to invest the time to work with him.
- Gayle Hornberger M.D. Owner
Midnight Sun Family Medicine
You are great at asking GREAT questions. You are light years ahead of others when it comes to collaborative leadership: You deeply understand that people, their relationships and interactions are the very top conversation for any business and you're not afraid to ask hard questions that may expose things that I, or others just don't want to look at.
- Reed Moore President/Owner
RMG Real Estate Experts, 5 Doors Real Estate
Christian has been a fantastic resource for our program. He does a great job of helping leaders deal with the specific issues they are working through, while at the same time helping them understand the broader framework of how to recognize and mitigate issues before they rise to the level of management concerns. I highly recommend working with Christian pro-actively, especially for new managers, rather than bringing him in to put out fires after your business has already been damaged.
- Lance Ahern Managing Director
Launch: Alaska
You are able to cast vision that brings hope rooted in the reality of the processes needed to reach the goal. There is an element of trust that exists between us that allows me to be transparent. You point out my weaknesses without being problem focused. You ask questions that bring clarity and, when necessary, change my perspective.
- Brenda Moore
Christian Health Associates
You really listen as you see and grasp the goal, from a 30,000 foot view, and you use that perspective to understand your clients' situation and relate to people's ideas, dreams and problems, giving them context and ultimately, an ability to work toward their solution, not yours.
- Brian Green
Christian Health Associates
You deliver customized solutions displaying honesty, a commitment to progress, and good collaboration; not a canned program delivered without concern to those involved, or just training with no follow-up. Your focus is the big picture.
- Ben Schoffmann
CCI Industrial Services
You bring a more extensive "toolbox" that ensures greater flexibility and responsiveness to a group's needs and provide clients with a greater degree of confidence in outcomes through creative and inclusive decision-making processes. You push groups further and deeper than other consultants and have a greater self-awareness of what's possible and what's necessary.
- Nils Andreassen
Institute of the North
I love coming to work now! You are inquisitive, asking great questions that make us question what it is we are really after. The best was goal setting, we used to always have far too many goals set out for ourselves. By questioning what it is that we were really after we were able to make the goals much more simple, logical and attainable. The other is leadership, getting department managers to understand that successful don’t just manage things around them they manage people. That that these are 2 entirely different skill sets. Once this was realized by the management team, you could see a real difference in the way that they interacted with their teams, concentrating more on getting their team to work together more effectively rather than giving orders.
- Derek Adolf General Manger
Continental Auto Group
I have been impressed with Christian's intelligence, natural instincts, keen insights about people, integrity and genuine compassion for others. I would recommend him highly in any helping profession role.
- Kris Hintz Position U 4 College
You are effective in shepherding a group to accomplish its goals by sizing up situations and people effectively. Your written reports add value as I make recommendations to the team.
- Tari O'Conner
Anchorage School Based Health Centers
The great thing about working with Christian is that in every conversation about work we had, there were always one or two life lessons to be learned and applied in other situations outside the job. It is easy for me to see where the solutions to work challenges can often come in handy when juggling family life, relationships and all the other aspects of leading a busy life. Christian is able to look at an organization and deliver in a no-nonsense-kind-of-way a “diagnosis” of what stands in the organization’s way to success. His years of experience and the fact that he walks his talk in every aspect of his life put him in a good position to support organizations and boards struggling with making the needed changes on the path to efficiency and sustainability.
- Tamar Ben-Yosef Executive Director
All Alaska Pediatric Partnership

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