Coaching & Mentoring

What Christian Does

Christian works with successful leaders to help them become even better. He helps them achieve a lasting success for themselves, their teams and those that they serve.

Who Christian Works With

  • Leaders in current or past active leadership roles.
  • Leaders who own their success or growth and are willing to work for results.
  • Leaders who are willing to work with a coach.

How Christian Does it

Most coaching engagements are offered in 3 or 6 month sessions. There are primarily three adaptable levels of involvement.

Mentoring – On-call Advisor & Sounding Board

In this role I’ll be responsive to your needs. I’ll function as a neutral, third-party sounding board and an as-needed advisor. This option is best if you feel you are able to independently set your goals and priorities, plan, cultivate your own internal accountability for implementing that plan and are able to objectively evaluate success.

We can work together to set the coaching agenda and goals to be accomplished within the project period. I offer:

  • Unlimited availability by e-mail, phone & text. Generally responsive within 1 business day.
  • Unlimited in-person meetings, as scheduling allows. (Costs for travel are additional.)

You can use this time to gather input and get feedback on: Cultivating strong leadership practices, changing organizational culture, facilitating meetings, addressing performance issues, building healthy teams, building or rebuilding relationships, etc. You will have access to my knowledge of networks, resources and expertise on organizational health; as well as my broad entrepreneurial and practical experience of working internationally with many organizations in diverse industries.

Structured Coaching

This option is differentiated by active and structured engagement throughout the coaching process. This is a great option if you believe you will benefit from the additional structure, discipline and accountability that coaching offers. I offer:

  • All of the Mentoring option plus:
  • Structured and regular coaching sessions.
  • Direct coaching, guidance and input with a focus on accomplishing core goals.
  • Additional input, engagement and accountability beyond what you might consider initiating.

You can use this to improve performance, change patterns and behaviors, achieve greater clarity and focus, and accomplish projects more efficiently. This service is also often used as leaders are navigating a change or transition – moving to the ‘next level,’ new roles, succession planning, new teams and relational difficulties. Many clients place a high value on having regular access to a confidential and objective ‘partner’ with whom they can speak freely and with whom they can generate tangible results and growth.

Consultative Coaching

This is a full-service option that includes all of the above but adds the additional elements of consulting and facilitation. This option is particularly helpful if you are pressed for time, find a planning process to be challenging, a full team needs coaching, or you prefer the increased structure that this option provides to ensure progress. This option can include:

  • All of the first two options plus:
  • Facilitated planning, team meetings and progress tracking sessions
  • Assessments: organizational, team or leadership
  • Direct observation and shadowing
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Direct consultation regarding the questions at hand
  • Guidance for the implementation of the plan
  • Support to ensure intended objectives are achieved

Contact us to request a free consultation to help you choose the best option or 907 522-7200