Conflict Resolution and Management

Organizational conflict, when unresolved or poorly resolved, results in the single largest cost of business for most organizations. Studies have shown that most supervisors, on average, spend about 20% of their time dealing with issues related to conflict. Lost time, lost opportunities, sick leave, turnover, workers compensation claims and increased risk for litigation are all associated with workplace conflict.

Organizations that address and deal with conflicts quickly and directly are often some of the most creative and dynamic places to work. Conflict, in fact, is normal and often very helpful. Knowing how to engage it well is one of the first steps for transformation in any workplace.

We offer an array of services from conflict interventions, to coaching and individual or team’s response to conflict to helping you build a conflict resilient culture.

Who We Work With

We are able to do our best work when there is strong leadership support. We work with:

  • Executive Teams
  • Boards
  • Small to large businesses, non-profits, government entities, churches, tribes, community groups
  • Individuals to whole departments or organizations

What We Do

Conflict Interventions: One of our most requested services. We intervene in workplace disputes whether between two people, a team, an entire organization or between organizations. We have a track record of high success in helping turn teams and organizations around. Our approach includes digging deeper than the surface issues. We help leaders and teams grow and cultivate their internal abilities to address future conflicts as they occur.

Conflict Coaching: Some leaders or teams find that they have patterns in relating or communicating that regularly results in unhealthy, unhelpful conflict. Often in just a few sessions we are able to help leaders identify what isn’t working and create a plan for changing their approach. This is powerful and cost effective tool in many cases.

Organizational Alignment and Cultural Redesign: Conflict resolution is about addressing a specific issue or set of issues. Conflict management has to do with your organization’s overall way of relating to conflicts whether between staff, with customers or clients, venders or partners. Redesign your organization so that conflict is beneficial and not threatening or harmful. Create alignment and patterns of communication that mitigates unhealthy conflict. We’ll guide you through a process of busting silos, cultivating clear communication and expectations, removing structural or environmental contributors to conflict and building pathways to resolution. Results can include: reclaimed costs, boosted efficiencies, increased margins, retention of your best employees and world class service.

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