Leadership Development

Leadership is a process and a relationship. Not a position.

We believe that leadership is fundamentally about service. It is about facilitating the success and triumph of your teams, your staff and your clients.

Growth or change in leadership happens through experience. An academic understanding of leadership doesn’t generate meaningful change in actual behavior or choices. Therefore, our services are rooted in coaching-influenced models. Just like preparing to run a marathon – you primarily grow by doing.

What We Do

To help you or your leaders grow quickly we offer the following:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Transitioning Leader Coaching
  • Emerging Leader Coaching
  • Vantage Groups – Facilitated Training & Peer Mentoring
  • Team Coaching

Can be combined with the following for added benefit:

  • 360 degree assessments
  • On-site observation
  • Interviews
  • Training & workshops

Who We Work With

We achieve the greatest results with people who:

  • Have already achieved some level of success.
  • Want to grow and are willing to change.
  • Make growth a priority in their scheduling and with their energy.

We often work with:

  • Executives and senior leaders.
  • Collective leadership teams – such as boards or commissions.
  • Leaders engaging in a new position.
  • Leaders facing new challenges.
  • Leaders preparing for succession.

How We Work

Our methods are practical and immediately useful. Characteristics of our processes include:

  • Clear and measurable outcomes regarding desired growth and development
  • Accountability, growth and exploration of obstacles
  • Ownership of, and engagement in, developing the areas of focus by the leader or leaders
  • Time efficient and direct approaches
  • Emphasis on changing leadership behaviors and attitudes

Vantage Groups are structured growth opportunities that combine experiential learning with peer mentoring and accountability. They are one the fastest and most effective ways to build leadership.

Vantage Groups are usually formed out of groups of 4-6 people. We often work with larger groups that can be divided into small groups of 4-6 people. Regular meetings involve facilitated learning, peer mentoring and accountability.

Learning topics and overall focus can be adjusted and adapted to the needs of the group. It can include everything from core practices of effective leaders, to essentials of executive management, to entrepreneurial thinking to successful supervisory and management skills and more.

Learn More christian@vantageconsulting.org or 907 522-7200