I’m from Alaska. The terrain is challenging here. It’s unforgiving. Mountain climbers hire guides with experience on specific mountains. Ship captains hire pilots with knowledge of local waters. These climbers and ship captains are experts in their own right. They know how to climb or sail. However, they benefit from someone who has been up that specific mountain. They decrease their risk when with someone who has navigated that specific harbor.

I help leaders accomplish rare or once-in-a-career moves: Navigating rapid growth or change without slipping, confidently implementing leadership succession or transition, building a solid & reliable board or leadership bench quickly, facilitating difficult and high-stakes conversations.

These situations are too important to be on your learning curve. Let me do what I’ve done many times. I’ll help you focus on what only you can do well.

Intentional or Fast-Paced Growth:

Growth, while exciting, also creates uncertainty or instability. Therefore, some people will resist change; others will just not contribute to change. Others will choose to go elsewhere.

Entrepreneurial organizations run the risk of burning their people out. Established organizations run the risk of not being able to engage people to change the status quo. Leaders find it challenging to stay on top of all the decisions, strategies and organizational changes that are required.

I help leaders and their teams work together to create a practical and stable path forward into sustained growth. A path that creates confidence in your organization and allows you to focus on growth, not on drama.

Confidence During Change:

Change is an opportunity for growth or improvement. However, when change isn’t well managed or understood within an organization, there will often be an increase in passivity or resistance. Like growth, I help leaders and their teams clarify priorities, establish what needs to be preserved and what can be changed and help the organization move forward with confidence and certainty.

Leadership Transition and Succession:

The question of leadership change is possibly the most important issue your organization faces. Despite this, most leaders intending to change their roles or retire within the next five years have no real plan for handing over the reins. When leadership transition is done poorly, staff leave, partnerships are lost, and investors step back. Legacy is impacted. I work with outgoing leaders to help them create an exit strategy and prepare for “what’s next.” I work with incoming executives and their teams to help them bond and begin the work of moving forward together. I support boards to grow and learn to work differently and more effectively in the context of change.

Leadership Development:

Some leaders might be born. Most are made. Organizations that don’t build a leadership “bench” will find any new initiative difficult. Promotions of effective leaders expose a lack of leadership elsewhere. I work with successful leaders to help them continue to grow and meet new opportunities or challenges. I work with successful organizations who want to ensure that they have a strong leadership “bench” at any level in their organization.

Difficult Conversations:

Some conversations are just difficult. Perhaps there is conflict. Maybe the situation seems too complex or too big. It might be that it is politically sensitive in nature. Or there just might be a lot of people involved. I help make these conversations work, so that there is clarity, agreement, and confidence as a result.

Would You Like To Lead A Consistently High Performing Team?

Would you like to build a unified and aligned team? Would you like them to grow and function at their best? Would you like to help them achieve better results while reducing your management time and effort?

If your answer is YES, then let’s talk.